MKR Sensor Shield
MKR Sensor Shield
MKR Sensor Shield

MKR Sensor Shield

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Turta MKR Sensor Shield is a multi-sensor carrier for Arduino MKR series boards. It combines an environmental sensor, ambient light & proximity sensor, accel & tilt sensor, and a micro SD card slot.


  • ST HTS221 Temperature & RH Sensor: Measures ambient temperature and relative humidity.
  • Broadcom APDS-9960 Ambient light, RGB, Gesture and Proximity Sensor: Measures ambient light, RGB color tones, hand gestures and proximity up to 30cm.
  • NXP MMA8491Q Accelerometer & Tilt Sensor: Measures 3D acceleration and generates interrupt on tilt detect.
  • Micro SD Card Slot: Provides a micro SD card slot for data logging purposes.
  • User LEDs: There are two user LEDs onboard for custom indications.
  • Stackable Headers: You can stack any compatible shield to the bottom or on top of this shield.