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IoT Node - ESP32
IoT Node - ESP32
IoT Node - ESP32
IoT Node - ESP32

IoT Node - ESP32

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IoT Node is an ESP32 development board. It features modular sensor slot, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth connectivity and Arduino IDE compatible ESP32 SoC.

ESP32 has 4MB of flash memory, 520KB of RAM, dual-core processor, and numerous hardware features. There is onboard auto-boot & reset circuit to make programming easier.

You can add different kinds of sensors to the modular slot to start prototyping in minutes, without soldering.

IoT Node and Modules


  • ESP32 SoC: ESP32 is a dual-core wireless system on a chip. It has 80 to 240MHz CPU, 4MB Flash, 520KB RAM, low power sleep, ADC, SPI, I2C, UART and more. ESP32 is Arduino compatible.
  • Modular Slot: Modular slot is the easiest way of integrating sensors and other components to your board. Just select and insert our SD card sized modules to the slot and begin coding your project.
  • Wireless Connectivity: ESP32 supports WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections. You can connect IoT Node to smartphones, access points and even make your Beacon device.
  • FT231X Interface: FTDI's FT231X connects ESP32 to USB. Drivers are automatically installed on modern operating systems. TX and RX LED's are connected for monitoring.
  • Auto Boot & Reset: Your system automatically boots itself to programming mode, then resets itself after programming is done.
  • Extension Pads: IoT Node has power, SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO, RTC Oscillator, Boot, Reset and VUSB pins exposed on the sides.
  • Low ESR Capacitors: 2x 900 mOhms 22 uF Tantalum Capacitors supplies required burst current when the wireless system operates.
  • Matte Black Board: For an elegant look, IoT Node is made from matt black PCB and gold plated connectors.