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Sensor uHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero
Sensor uHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero

Sensor uHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero

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Essential Sensors!

Sensor uHAT is a sensor and IR control board for Raspberry Pi Zero. It carries an environmental sensor, ambient light and UV sensor, accel & tilt sensor, and an IR remote transmitter. There are I2C, UART, and GPIO ports available for extensibility.


Sensor uHAT combines essential sensors for environmental sensing.

  • Measures temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and calculates altitude via Bosch Sensortec BME280 environmental sensor.
  • Detects movement and theft attempts via accelerometer and tilt sensor NXP MMA8491Q.
  • Senses ambient light and UV Index via Silicon Labs SI1133 sensor.
  • Controls home electronics via IR remote transmitter.
  • Sensor uHAT has Grove System compatible I2C, UART, and digital ports.
  • Carries ID EEPROM for Raspberry Pi HAT specification compliance.


Sensor uHAT comes with rich documentation located at docs.turta.io/raspberry-pi-hats/sensor-uhat address.

Technical Specifications

Sensor uHAT provides the following devices and connectivity options:

  • Bosch Sensortec BME280 Environmental Sensor
    Measures temperature, relative humidity, and pressure. Calculates altitude.
    • Temperature: Measures -40C to 85C temperature with +/- 1C accuracy and 0.01C resolution.
    • Humidity: Measures relative humidity within 0% to 100% range, in 3% accuracy and 0.008% resolution.
    • Pressure: Measures air pressure from 300 to 1100hPa in 0.18Pa resolution.
    • Altitude: The driver calculates altitude from sea level if air pressure at the sea level is given.
  • Silicon Labs SI1133 Light & UV Sensor
    Measures ambient light and UV index.
    • High accuracy UV Index sensing: 0 to > 20 uV.
    • Matches erythemal curve.
    • Ambient Light Sensing: <100 mlx resolution possible.
  • NXP MMA8491Q Accelerometer & Tilt Sensor
    Measures 3 axis acceleration. Generates interrupt on X, Y or Z tilt detect.
  • Vishay VSMB10940X01 IR Remote Transmitter
    Transmits infrared remote control signals. Compatible with LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control).
  • Expansion Ports
    Sensor uHAT has six 3.3V Grove System compatible ports.
    • I2C Port
    • UART Port
    • Two Digital I/O Ports
    This memory holds manufacturer information, GPIO setup and device tree. The OS loads required drivers and configures GPIO pins according to the data on this memory. ID EEPROM is required for Raspberry Pi HAT specification compliance.

Component Datasheets

You can find Sensor uHAT's major component datasheets at our GitHub repository.


We have jump-start samples for each functionality. They are available on our GitHub repository. Their step by step guide is available on our documentation.

Easy Library Installation

It's easy to install Sensor uHAT's Python 3 drivers just with "pip3 install turta-sensoruhat" command.

Open-Source Libraries

Our libraries are open-sourced and available at github.com/Turta-io/Sensor-uHAT repository.


Feel free to join our community forums to share your projects and get ideas. IoT HAT's dedicated category page is at community.turta.io/c/raspberry-pi/sensor-uhat address.