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Relay HAT 2 for Raspberry Pi
Relay HAT 2 for Raspberry Pi
Relay HAT 2 for Raspberry Pi

Relay HAT 2 for Raspberry Pi

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Control Your World!

Relay HAT 2 gives you control to switch high-power devices. It has five-channel industrial-grade mechanical relays. Relay HAT 2 is stackable to provide a total of 40 relays. There is an optical and isolation between high current and logic side of the board to prevent possible spikes. It keeps relay states even if you reboot your Raspberry Pi, which makes Relay HAT reliable for critical applications.


Relay HAT 2 makes device control practical and safe with its powerful relays and isolated electronic components.

  • Five industrial-grade OMRON relays switch high power devices you connect to the Relay HAT.
  • You can stack up to 8 boards to control 40 relays.
  • Preserve state feature keeps relay states, even if you reboot the Raspberry Pi. It makes Relay HAT ideal for home automation.
  • There is a Grove System compatible I2C port for external sensors, displays or anything else.
  • Relay HAT only uses I2C and power pins. Other pins are free for use.
  • Relay indicator LEDs can be enabled or disabled via our library.
  • You may use Raspberry Pi's internal power or external supply to power relays.
  • A power filter circuit protects Raspberry Pi from possible Voltage spikes on relay switches.
  • ID EEPROM automatically configures Raspbian drivers.



Relay HAT comes with rich documentation located at docs.turta.io/raspberry-pi-hats/relay-hat-2 address.

Technical Specifications

Relay HAT provides the following functionalities:

  • 5x OMRON G5LE Relays
    Turns AC or DC devices on or off. Relays are optically coupled to the logic side to prevent any possible surges.
    • DC Current: 5A at 30V.
    • AC Current: 10A at 120V or 250V. (5A max is recommended on Relay HAT 2.)
    • Operate Time: 10ms max.
    • Release Time: 5ms max.
    • Mechanical Durability: 10.000.000 operations min.
    • Electrical Durability: 100.000 operations min.
  • Microchip MCP23008 I/O Expander
    Controls the relay logic with serial interface.
  • I2C Expansion Port
    Relay HAT has a 3.3V Grove System compatible I2C port.
    This memory holds manufacturer information, GPIO setup and device tree. The OS loads required drivers and configures GPIO pins according to the data on this memory. ID EEPROM is required for Raspberry Pi HAT specification compliance.


We have jump-start samples for each functionality. They are available on our GitHub repository. Their step by step guide is available on our documentation.

Easy Library Installation

Relay HAT comes with Raspbian and Windows 10 IoT Core libraries.

To install Python 3 drivers for Raspbian, use "pip3 install turta-relayhat2" command.

To install C# drivers for Windows 10 IoT Core, search "Turta.RelayHAT2.RelayDriver" package on NuGet package manager.

Open-Source Libraries

Our libraries are open-sourced and available at https://github.com/Turta-io/RelayHAT2 repository.


Feel free to join our community forums to share your projects and get ideas. Relay HAT's dedicated category page is at community.turta.io/c/raspberry-pi/relay-hat address.