Proto HAT for Raspberry Pi
Proto HAT for Raspberry Pi

Proto HAT for Raspberry Pi

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Pro Prototyping!

Proto HAT is a prototyping board with an onboard analog-to-digital converter for Raspberry Pi. It has breadboard like pads for IC placement and free pads for everything else. The four-channel analog-to-digital converter is ideal for reading sensor inputs.


Proto HAT helps you to make your projects professional.

  • 5x22 Free pads.
  • 2x22 Columns breadboard style pads.
  • 13 GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART (Serial), and 5V pads on the top row.
  • 2 Rows 3.3V, 2 Rows GND pads.
  • Additional I2C Pads on the breadboard area.
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter over the SPI CS0.
  • 4Ch single-ended or 2Ch differential analog inputs are available.
  • Board temperature reading on the ADC IC.
  • Slot for Raspberry Pi's CSI Camera Port.
  • Stackable Raspberry Pi header.
  • ID EEPROM for Raspberry Pi HAT specification compliance.
  • Pads are numbered for easy content creation.



Proto HAT comes with rich documentation located at address.

Technical Specifications

Proto HAT provides the following functionalities:

  • TI ADS1018 SPI Analog-to-Digital Converter
    • Measures four-channel single-ended analog inputs.
    • Measures two-channel differential analog inputs.
    • Measures board temperature for system-level temperature monitoring or cold-junction compensation for thermocouples.
    • Programmable 128 to 3.300 Samples per second measurement.
    • 12-bits resolution.
    This memory holds manufacturer information, GPIO setup and device tree. The OS loads required drivers and configures GPIO pins according to the data on this memory. ID EEPROM is required for Raspberry Pi HAT specification compliance.


We have jump-start samples for each functionality. They are available on our GitHub repository. Their step by step guide is available on our documentation.

Easy Library Installation

Proto HAT comes with Raspbian libraries.

To install Python 3 drivers for Raspbian, use "pip3 install turta-protohat" command.

Open-Source Libraries

Our libraries are open-sourced and available at repository.


Feel free to join our community forums to share your projects and get ideas. Proto HAT's dedicated category page is at address.