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LoRa HAT for Raspberry Pi
LoRa HAT for Raspberry Pi

LoRa HAT for Raspberry Pi

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LoRa HAT is a long-range communication transceiver for Raspberry Pi. It features onboard LoRaWAN Protocol Stack. The board comes with extra power features, like CryptoAuthentication chip for secure IoT communication, tilt sensor for movement detection and Grove compatible ports for additional sensor connectivity. All the features combined to help you to build your long-range secure IoT network.


We crafted the LoRa HAT for maximum flexibility.

  • It carries LoRa Transceiver module with onboard LoRaWAN Protocol Stack. The US version comes with a Microchip RN2903A module, and the EU version comes with RN2483A module. The coverage is up to 15 km at suburban areas and up to 5 km at urban areas.
  • LoRa HAT securely connects to the cloud services via Cryptographic co-processor Microchip ATECC608A.
  • It detects movement and theft attempts via accelerometer and tilt sensor NXP MMA8491Q.
  • There are 2x I2C, 2x digital, and 2x analog Grove System compatible ports for additional sensors, displays, and accessories.
  • 4Ch single-ended or 2Ch differential analog inputs are available over TI ADS1018 SPI Analog-to-Digital converter. The ADC chip also measures board temperature for system-level temperature monitoring or cold-junction compensation for thermocouples.
  • There are three LEDs onboard for custom status indication.
  • The LoRa HAT is stackable; most of the GPIO pins are free.
  • It carries ID EEPROM for Raspberry Pi HAT specification compliance.