IoT HAT 3 for Raspberry Pi
IoT HAT 3 for Raspberry Pi
IoT HAT 3 for Raspberry Pi

IoT HAT 3 for Raspberry Pi

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IoT HAT is a Raspberry Pi I/O board which orchestrates security and connectivity. It combines sensors, relays, IO's and an IR remote transmitter on a single board. This combination allows you to create complex scenarios without the hassle of cable clutter easily. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, IoT HAT will help you to develop the best in the shortest possible time.


Ingeniously placed components on IoT HAT makes developers' life easier. All components can be accessed via GPIO and I2C interfaces.

  • Securely connects to the cloud services via Cryptographic co-processor.
  • Detects theft attempts.
  • Senses ambient & RGB light, proximity, hand gestures, 3D acceleration, 3D tilt, and board temperature.
  • Controls home electronics via IR remote transmitter.
  • Carries 2Ch solid-state relays, 2Ch photocoupler inputs.
  • Has Grove compatible I2C, UART, digital and analog ports.
  • 4Ch single-ended or 2Ch differential analog inputs are available.
  • Carries a large user button and a piezo sounder.
  • ID EEPROM for Raspberry Pi HAT specification compliance.