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IoT HAT 3 for Raspberry Pi
IoT HAT 3 for Raspberry Pi
IoT HAT 3 for Raspberry Pi

IoT HAT 3 for Raspberry Pi

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Combining Connectivity & IoT Security

IoT HAT is a Raspberry Pi I/O board which orchestrates security and connectivity. It combines sensors, relays, IO's and an IR remote transmitter on a single board. This combination allows you to create complex scenarios without the hassle of cable clutter easily. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, IoT HAT will help you to develop the best in the shortest possible time.


Ingeniously placed components on IoT HAT makes developers' life easier. All components can be accessed via GPIO and I2C interfaces.

  • Securely connects to the cloud services via Cryptographic co-processor.
  • Detects movement and theft attempts via accelerometer and tilt sensor NXP MMA8491Q.
  • Senses ambient & RGB light, proximity, hand gestures, 3D acceleration, 3D tilt, and board temperature.
  • Controls home electronics via IR remote transmitter.
  • Carries two solid-state relays and two photocoupler inputs.
  • IoT HAT has Grove system compatible I2C, UART, digital and analog ports.
  • Four-channel single-ended or two-channel differential analog inputs are available.
  • Carries a large user button and a piezo sounder.
  • ID EEPROM for Raspberry Pi HAT specification compliance.


IoT HAT comes with rich documentation located at docs.turta.io/raspberry-pi-hats/iot-hat-3 address.

Technical Specifications

IoT HAT provides the following devices and connectivity options:

  • Microchip ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication Device
    • Cryptographic Co-Processor with Secure Hardware-Based Key Storage
    • Hardware Support for Asymmetric Sign, Verify, Key Agreement
    • Hardware Support for Symmetric Algorithms
    • Networking Key Management Support
    • Secure Boot Support
    • Internal High-Quality NIST SP 800-90A/B/C Random Number Generator (RNG)
    • Two High-Endurance Monotonic Counters
    • Unique 72-Bit Serial Number
  • TI ADS1018 SPI Analog-to-Digital Converter
    Measures 4x analog inputs and internal temperature. Distributed to 2 Grove System compatible ports.
  • NXP MMA8491Q Accelerometer & Tilt Sensor
    Measures 3 axis acceleration. Generates interrupt on X, Y or Z tilt detect.
  • Broadcom APDS-9960 Ambient light, RGB, Gesture and Proximity Sensor
    Measures ambient light, RGB light, and proximity. Detects hand gestures.
  • LCA717S Solid State Relays
    Two DC30V 2A solid-state relays switch external on or off with optically coupled MOSFET (OptoMOS) technology. Onboard LED status indication.
  • LTV-827S Photocoupler
    Provides 2 channel optically isolated digital inputs. Works within 9 to 30V input range. Onboard LED status indication.
  • Vishay VSMB10940X01 IR Remote Transmitter
    Transmits infrared remote control signals. Compatible with LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control).
  • Expansion Ports
    IoT HAT has six 3.3V Grove System compatible ports.
    • Serial Port
    • I2C Port
    • Two Digital I/O Ports
    • Two Analog Input Ports
  • Button
    A large user button for event generation.
  • Buzzer
    A piezoelectric sounder for simple audio feedback.
    This memory holds manufacturer information, GPIO setup and device tree. The OS loads required drivers and configures GPIO pins according to the data on this memory. ID EEPROM is required for Raspberry Pi HAT specification compliance.

Component Datasheets

You can find IoT HAT's major component datasheets at our GitHub repository.


    We have jump-start samples for each functionality. They are available on our GitHub repository. Their step by step guide is available on our documentation.

    Easy Library Installation

    It's easy to install IoT HAT's Python 3 drivers just with "pip3 install turta-iothat3" command.

    Open-Source Libraries

    Our libraries are open-sourced and available at github.com/Turta-io/IoTHAT3 repository.


    Feel free to join our community forums to share your projects and get ideas. IoT HAT's dedicated category page is at community.turta.io/c/raspberry-pi/iot-hat address.