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MKR Motor Shield
MKR Motor Shield
MKR Motor Shield

MKR Motor Shield

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Turta MKR Motor Shield is two channel DC motor driver for small size robots. It has powerful, low ESR capacitors for efficient operation, and onboard regulator to supply Arduino from the external power source.


  • Dual Toshiba TC78H630FNG Motor Drivers: These are H-bridge driver ICs for DC motors which incorporates DMOS in output transistors.
  • Low ESR Capacitors: Six Panasonic high-performance aluminum electrolytic capacitors ensure stable motor driving experience.
  • Onboard Regulator: The onboard regulator powers the Arduino MKR board when there is no USB power available.
  • Protection Diodes: There are 8 diodes to protect motor drivers from damage in case of reverse current comes from the DC motors.
  • Direction LEDs: There are two direction LEDs for each channel to indicate motor speed and direction.