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Introducing New Shields for Arduino MKR Family

We recently released two new shields for Arduino MKR Family. The first one is a sensor shield targetting IoT applications, and the other one is motor shield targetting maker and robotic applications.

Arduino MKR family is the latest form factor of Arduino boards. There are Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, LoRa, GSM and other connectivity options to add to your projects with MKR.

Turta MKR Shields

Turta MKR shields leverage Arduino MKR family's functionalities. With our MKR Sensor Shield, you can read the following sensor data:

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Ambient light
  • RGB light
  • Proximity
  • Hand gestures
  • 3D Acceleration
  • 3D Tilt detection

The MKR Sensor Shield also has a Micro SD card slot for data logging and 2 LEDs for custom indications.


Visit documentation at docs.turta.io/arduino-shields/mkr-motor-shield

We also introduced an MKR Motor Shield, which drives two DC motors for robotics projects. It's ideal for combining DIY robots with wireless connectivity.


Visit documentation at docs.turta.io/arduino-shields/mkr-motor-shield

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