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Join us on DockerCon'19 San Francisco Hallway Track

DockerCon Hallway Track

DockerCon is a 3-day technology conference, where the community come to learn, share and connect. Attendees are a mix of developers, systems admins, architects, and IT decision makers who are all looking to level up their skills and go home inspired and ready to invest and implement their containerization strategies.

Hallway Track is an environment designed to help great-minded attendees learn from each other. The goal is to facilitate connections and knowledge sharing with Docker staff, other attendees, Speakers, and Docker Captains through structured networking. This space is designed for you to learn and share interests efficiently and comfortably, so you get tangible results and make the most of your time spent networking.

If you are joining to the DockerCon'19 San Francisco, we welcome you to our Hallway Track about Designing Modular IoT Development Hardware on Wednesday, March 1st at 2:00 PM. We'll talk about developing and using modular sensor hardware in IoT. The registration link is hallwaytrack.dockercon.com/hallway-tracks/41506/.

Hope to see you!

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