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Creating Azure IoT Central Account

Azure IoT Central is a fully managed IoT software-as-a-service solution, makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage IoT assets at scale. It simplifies setting up your IoT solution, connecting and controlling your things with ease, and ensures security features.

Setting up an Azure IoT Central account is easy. To use it, you need to have an Azure account.

First, go to www.azureiotcentral.com and click "Get Started." That will lead you to "My applications" page. Click "New Application."

In the "Create Application" page, choose a payment plan, and an ap

plication template. You may wish to start with "Sample Devkits", explore the IoT Central, and then delete the samples after you learn how it works.

Fill the application name and URL entries. Your portal URL will be the URL.azureiotcentral.com.

When you complete the registration, you'll see something like this.

Azure IoT Central

On the left menu, you'll see:

  • Dashboard for a customizable homepage,
  • Device Explorer for adding and managing physical and simulated devices,
  • Device Sets for grouping devices,
  • Analytics for getting device readings with filters,
  • Jobs for giving commands to devices,
  • Device Templates for managing what a device reads or controls,
  • Continuous Data Export for exporting device data to an external data source,
  • Administration for managing application, user and billing settings.

The sample app includes some simulated devices, so feel free to explore menus for more.

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