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3D Enclosures for IoT Node

IoT Node is a modular sensor carrier for both hobby and professional needs. Just insert any sensor module into the modular sensor slot, and you're ready to connect real-world data to any IoT service.

In the app first stages, you can use IoT Node as a development board. But, when you wish to deploy IoT Nodes, you'll need an enclosure to mount and protect it.

To make DIY'ers life more comfortable, we designed 3D printable enclosures. As there are many sensor forms, there are many enclosures which perfectly fit the sensors.

IoT Node Enclosure

To download the STL files from Thingiverse, go to this link.

To make an enclosure, you need to print two parts. One is the bottom, and the other is depending on the sensor you're using. You can find the detailed part description on the Thingiverse page.

IoT Node Enclosure

After printing the required parts, insert the desired sensor module into the IoT Node, and position IoT Node inside the enclosure.

IoT Node Enclosure

Finally, screw the enclosure using 4x M3 nylon screws. Do not use metal screws as it may decrease the antenna performance.

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